Children and Divorce

This Programme consists of five sessions ( 3 for the children and 2 for the parents)  where we focus on the children and their experience of the divorce. The sessions will work with the children and parents separately to address the issues that are specific to children.


The programme ensures all parents with children under 18 undergoing divorce will be exposed to materials and discussions that will sensitize them to their children’s difficulties and hopefully teach them the skills to minimize their children’s stress in these circumstances.

Children often feel caught in an emotional roller coaster and react with negative behaviors. The programme helps children use skills to build better resilience to the negative emotions.


The content focuses primarily on the children as they are more vulnerable and less able to fend for themselves.

It focuses on the most common ways parents involve their children in their conflict (usually unknowingly).

The activities sensitize the parents on their children’s perspectives on this conflict, followed by instructions on methods to reduce their children’s exposure to this conflict.

Number of sessions: Children (3 two hour sessions), Adults (2 two hour sessions)

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Parents Sessions

Session 1

  1. Introduction: Transition to a new family
  2. How children are affected when caught in the middle
  3. Skills Training – video & discussion
  4. Closing remarks

Session 2

  1. Introduction: What is Co-parenting
  2. Practical Co-parenting Skills – video & discussion
  3. Skills Training – ways to reduce and prevent future parental conflicts
  4. Closing Remarks

Children Sessions

Session 1

  1. Introduction: Story or Magic of Family
  2. What is a Family – What will happen Next
  3. 4 Myths of Divorce – videos & discussions
  4. Closing Remarks

Session 2

  1. Introduction: What divorce makes me feel?
  2. Skills – Video on “I” messages practice and discussion
  3. Skills – video on “Being questioned” practice and discussion worksheets
  4. Closing Remarks

Session 3

  1. Introduction: Positive ways to cope with parents divorce
  2. Skills – Video “ Put Downs” practice and discussion worksheets
  3. Skills – Self-Talk, Change your thoughts, Ask for help, discussion & worksheets
  4. Closing Remarks