Parenting After Divorce

Five Sessions with our experienced therapists to work through the following topics to help you to understand your child’s needs better and to equip you with the necessary skills. Each Programme will begin with an in depth survey to understand your unique needs to ensure the sessions will address your unique concerns.

The Effects of Separation/Divorce on Adults

  • Coping with separation/divorce
  • Recognize the different emotions
  • Support system
  • Self-Care
  • How does divorce affect your role as a parent?

Parenting after Separation/Divorce – Co-Parenting

  • What is Co-Parenting?
  • Communication With Children
  • Children Caught In The Middle
  • What is a Parenting Plan
  • Co-parenting guidelines

Establishing quality contact with your children

  • How will Children experience custody disputes?
  • How will children express their inner pain?
  • Should I tell my child about the divorce?
  • Creating a Parenting Plan

Unhappy Children  – A way for parents to reach them

  • Glasser’s Seven caring habits
  • Traffic Light Signals
  • Case Study
  • Using Reality Therapy: WDEPsystem (Wants, Doing, Evaluation, and Planning)

Co-Parenting Survival Guide

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Building a Co-Parenting Relationship
  • Devising a Parenting Plan focusing on
    • Transitions
    • Discipline
    • Issues specific to your children

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